Super Easy DIY Bookmark

Know anyone that loves to read?  I do! That’s why I love making homemade bookmarks. They’re easy and fun, and they add such a personal touch to a gift for a friend or family member.

diy gift: personalized bookmark

This would be a great idea for Father’s Day and/or Mother’s Day.  The last one I made was for my Dad; his birthday is at the end of May.

I picked out a few pictures of my sister and me as young kids, scanned them in to the computer and re-sized them.  I’ve also made them before with pictures of flowers, and of pets.  Really you can pick anything that your reader enjoys.  Endless possibilities.

I recommend printing your pictures on card stock for sturdiness, but regular paper should work fine in a pinch.

For the bookmark portion, I used two pieces of card stock because I wanted different patterns for each side, but you could easily get away with one piece if you want the bookmark to be the same on both sides.

diy gift: personalized bookmark

I cut these two pieces to 7″ x 2″ but there isn’t a law about bookmark proportions so I say, if you’re going to make a bookmark, do it however you want to.  Just make sure it’s at least practical.

If you’re using two pieces of card stock like I did, use double-sided tape to stick them together.  I have craft paper swag so I used a round corner paper punch (similar to this) to round the edges of my bookmark.

Use double sided tape again to stick your pictures to the bookmark and then give the whole thing two coats of mod podge.

A quick squeeze of a hole punch and an embroidery thread tassel make this bookmark extra fancy!

diy gift: personalized bookmark

To really up the cute factor, you can buy your gift recipient a book and tuck it in the book.  I did with this one I made for my dad!

He loved it!

Are you DIYing a present for your father this coming Father’s Day?  Link in the comments!


2 responses to “Super Easy DIY Bookmark

  1. I’m Dad and I love my bookmark!

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