DIY Striped Wall Art

The great thing about wall art is that you can change it as often as you change your mind, and for me, that’s pretty frequent.  The great thing about making your own wall art is that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to add a piece to your collection.  Here’s my latest DIY wall art endeavor!

diy striped wall art

I started with two 16″ x 20″ canvases (about $4 with my Hobby Lobby coupon).  They got an all-over coat of Valspar Delightful Moon, the same buttery yellow that I used on my accent tables.

diy striped wall art

Several days later once that dried, I broke out the ol’ Frog Tape (which I’ve been known to use for wall art before).  I used little scraps of tape to space the stripes evenly.

diy striped wall art

Then I separated each stripe in random spots to make two stripes per line.

diy striped wall art

I recently picked up a couple more Valspar samples (I have a serious lack of control when Lowe’s releases their color palettes).  These are Redstone Blue Spruce (left) and Perfect Storm (right) from the Playful Pumpkin palette.

diy striped wall art

Each stripe got two coats of paint, Perfect Storm on the left and Redstone Blue Spruce on the right.

Just for funsies, here is a gif of my paint process:

diy striped wall art

I carefully pulled the tape off while the paint was still wet and was immediately obsessed with the bold, stripey design.  Imagine my face resembling the emoji with hearts for eyes.  Smitten!

diy striped wall art

After repeating the taping process (I measured the stripes on the first canvas and taped them off on the opposite side of the second) and repeating the painting process, I had two bold, stripey little works of art to put on our floating shelves in the living room!

They look really cool in both landscape and portrait orientation, so it will be fun to switch them around every now and striped wall artDo you have a favorite of the three orientations above?  Have  you made some wall art of your own lately?  Do tell…


6 responses to “DIY Striped Wall Art

  1. I love the Valspar colors

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