Accountability List

Sometimes I get a little lazy and I procrastinate…  This page is where I’m going to keep a list of things that need to get done around the ol’ a-p-t.  Hopefully it’ll keep my DIY gears grindin’!

Side note – these are in no particular order. They all just need to get done!

Living Room
*Curtains for slider – done!
*Floating shelf “mantle”
*Bold pillow shams
*Paint mini storage cabinet in entryway
*Wall art for above couch (or maybe “statement wall”?)
*Cover glass panels on media cabinet to conceal contents – done!

Dining Room
*Refinish tulip table
*Strip and re-finish cantilever chairs
*Add legs and wood surround to expedit
*Refinish dining room mirror – done!
*New light fixture to replace or hide boob light
*Wall art

*Storage / display shelves

*Organize desk
*Create “office” area / workspace
*Organize craft shelf
*Strip and re-finish dresser
*Build headboard
*Bench for desk (slide out / hideaway?)
*Hook to hang / display acoustic guitar
*Wall art

*Storage bins for top shelf
*Laundry hamper solution
*File / document storage solution

*Spraypaint / weatherproof hurricane lanterns
*Organize storage

Whew that’s a lot to do… better get crackin’!

[updated 12.27.15]


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