Perfect Present-ation

‘Tis better to give than receive.  And Christmas is the season for giving.  The holiday itself is definitely not about gifts, and I’ll be the first to say that I really dislike how commercialized Christmas has become.  It’s not about who has the most or who spent the most or what you received.  For some, there is a deeply religious meaning to December 25.  For me, Christmas is about sharing joy with my loved ones and appreciating my blessings.

That being said – I LOVE giving gifts.  Big or small, useful or silly, or even something tasty, seeing someone laugh or smile when I give them something I spent time on or put a lot of thought into is totally my jam.  Call me a people-pleaser, if it pleases you to do so!

The presentation of my gifts is about 75% of the fun to me – no lie.  This gal LOVES to wrap presents.  I like to do a theme with my holiday gifts.  Last year I did silver paper with blue bows and hand stamped tags.  Sadly, I don’t have a picture.  It was before I started this little website.  Now I take pictures of EVERYTHING.  #bloggerlife

I DO, however have pictures of this years wrapping.  Everyone loves brown paper packages tied up with string painted with bling, right?!

I wrapped almost everything in kraft paper this year.  I ran out and had to improvise with some brown lunch sacks and grocery bags but hey, they matched!

I painted the paper with the same paint that I used on my ornaments.  An acrylic paint aptly titled Champagne.  All the gals got polka dots and the fellas got stripes.

Gifts wrapped in kraft paper and painted

I even home-made my bows with gold ribbon.  They’re perfectly imperfect if you ask me.

Homemade Bows for Presents

I thought about hand-stamping my gift tags again but man – that took FOR.EV.ER. last year.  Then I read this post from Elsie + Emma at A Beautiful Mess.  I’ve been using their ABM app for quite some time (which my instagram followers are well aware of I’m sure).

Photo Gift Tags

Instead of making white spaces to write on like Elsie + Emma, I decided to pick some of my favorite funny pictures of my gift recipients and just put the word “To:” somewhere on the photo using their app.  Once the images were transferred to my computer I put them all in a word doc and printed them out on label paper so I could stick ’em right to the kraft paper.  I can’t wait to watch everyone look through the gifts to find their picture!

DIY Gift Wrap and Tags

I think my crunchy, imperfect little homemade gift wrap theme for this Christmas turned out great!  

DIY Gift Wrap and Gift Tags

Anyone else out there making fancy gift tags or painting on their gift wrap?  What other projects have you been working on for the holiday season?  Do tell…


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