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My Key Lime Green Mirror

It’s the New Adventures of Old Mirror up in here, dudes.

A friend gifted me this mirror a couple of years ago. It didn’t match my stuff, but I knew it was a great piece that I could somehow work with, so I happily accepted her generousity.

green spray painted ornate antique mirror

First off – this thing is big. Like, 38″ x 48″ x 2″ and heavy big.

It was very classic and traditional in style, with several embellishments on its red and gold frame.  In all of its intricate crevices, there was a decent layer of clay-like, caked-on dirt.

green spray painted ornate antique mirror IMG_2147

I knew that spray painting it a fun, bright color would accomplish two very important things: a) it would match my stuff and 2) I would like the looks of it more!

But first I had to clean it. I tried jut blowing the dirt off with my hair dryer first. Ha! That dirt didn’t budge. Then I tried soapy water with a toothbrush. That just turned the dry clay-like dirt into wet clay-like dirt, and moved it around but didn’t clean it off. Also, after it took me a whole five minutes to cover about one square inch with the toothbrush, I ditched that method.

This is when I temporarily “gave up”. Do you ever do that? Lots of times I get frustrated with a project and I bail. Ninety percent of the time I go back and finish but sometimes, the juice just ain’t worth the squeeze.

Anyway, my final attempt to clean the frame (two weeks later) came in the form of a thick-bristled cleaning brush that I used to dry-brush the dirt off of this thing. You guys, my arm got SOOO TIRED. I brushed it as hard as I could for a good 45 min. Then I thought, “okay, if the dirt isn’t coming off with this much force, I’m just gonna spray paint right over it and hope for the best”. And that, friends, is exactly what I did.

green spray painted ornate antique mirror green spray painted ornate antique mirror green spray painted ornate antique mirror

Check out how great it turned out!

I had zero issues with the spray paint adhering, and I’m confident it will hold up well over time.  My best tips and tricks for spray painting household objects can be found here.

I used Rustoleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover Paint and Primer in One (say that ten times fast), which I’ve used before with great success. The color is called Key Lime and I used the gloss finish.  I feel like changing the finish of this very ornate mirror to a high-shine, vibrant color creates such a fun juxtaposition!

I hung it over my 2×4 expedit unit in my dining room, and I love it there, but I’m already staring to redocorate the room around it in my head!


IMG_2164 IMG_2165


green spray painted ornate antique mirror

That builder’s special boob light has GOT to go.  And I’ve already got a plan to IKEA-hack that expedit.  And I need to do something with that wall on the right.

I really need to find that elusive affordable tulip style dining table I’ve been searching for to give this room a little more cohesiveness. Plus, once I refinish my sexy cantilever dining chairs, they’d look preeeety handsome pulled up under a tulip table, yes?

Anyone else working on giving new life to an old item? Hit me up in the comments!


MORE Wall Art?!

Yep, I have more wall art to talk about!  We have LOTS of wall space too, so this is definitely not the last post to be written on the subject here at Jamie’s Home Blog…

Between the mixture of bachelor and bachelorette furnishings that my fella and I combined when we moved in together, and the lack of wall decor or even a headboard, our bedroom wasn’t much to look at.  As I’ve said before, apologies for the muddy iPhone pics…

Bedroom Before

One day, while I was not at all sitting in a meeting, I doodled this:

Doodle of Dream Bedroom

Recognize the bench?  That drawing was the idea I had for our room.  Simplicity with a touch of mid-century.  And this is the story of the wall art in that doodle. One face-melting hot sunny Texas day, my Mom and I went garage sale hoppin’.  Well, first we went to this great little hole in the wall fabric shop that had no air conditioning.  We were basically surrounded by fabric insulation in a smallish room on a 100 degree day… and it was only about 10am at this point.

Obstacles of Fabric

Fabric Store

But I digress… At one of these garage sales we visited I came across six 8.5″ x 12.5″ frames priced at $2 per.  I offered up $10 they were mine!  I’m sure I could have haggled her even lower but I had a $10 on me so that made it easy.  The art wasn’t my style but that hasn’t ever stopped me from purchasing useful frames for sure!

Frames / Weird Flower Art

I lucked into finding some Krylon Coral Isle at my local Jo-Ann.  I’m not sure that color is regularly sold in my area.  I looked for it at several locations of a big retailer that carries Krylon (you know, the dreaded “W”) and didn’t find it!  So you better believe I bought all three cans that were on the Jo-Ann shelf!  I demonstrated my love for the color with this fancy Instagram.

Krylon Coral Isle on a Frame

You know how the process works… Spray a coat of primer (I prefer Zinsser BIN) and several light coats of paint.

Krylon Coral Isle on Frames

Then it was time to make the art!  I still have tons of leftover Allen + Roth basketweave textured wallpaper from my dresser project.  I affixed it to poster board with spray adhesive and then cut it to fit my frames, using the original art as my template for size.

Creating Wall Art

I had some trouble deciding what color these wallpaper / posterboard “mats” should be.  I’m a very visual person so I did the below “mock up” to give myself an idea of what the final product should look like.  Don’t worry, the twine taped on the paper makes sense in a minute.

Wall Art Color Decision Making Process

The peachy coral in the center at the bottom was the winner!  I mixed acrylic paint with water (and a little mod podge for some sheen) and used a simple sponge brush to paint it on.

Acrylic Paint, Water and Mod Podge

Paint Mixture on Wallpaper

Once they were dry, I hot-glued pieces of twine equal lengths apart in the middle of each mat.

Twine on Textured Wallpaper

Now the fun part!  I popped them into the frames and hung them over our bed using a laser level.  Please excuse the poor lighting in my poor iPhone pics.  A photographer, I am not.


To be honest – I wasn’t that crazy about them at first but they’ve really grown on me.  They have a sort of calming and serene quality – perfect for a room where we mainly rest!  I’m feeling good about my progress thus far in this room, that’s certain.

Bedroom Progress

Is anyone else getting good deals at the thrift shop?  Who has made something that they didn’t like initially, but have come to love over time?  Do tell…