Hablas Español? Parlez-vous Français?

Baxter!  You know I don’t speak Spanish!

Actually, I do speak a small amount of Spanish and an even smaller amount of French but I think we all know what si and oui mean, no?

Here’s a cute little rustic sign I made for my Wall of Wanderlust.

diy rustic wood sign

When I made my mid century nightstands (more on that here), I used a wood scrap to color test my Danish Oil.  It sat in my scrap pile for months, until I got a wild hair to make it into a little sign.  One of those use what ya got projects, ya feel me?

diy rustic wood sign

The process here is pretty basic.  I used a sponge pouncer with white acrylic paint over a stencil to paint my letters on my scrap wood.

diy rustic wood sign

Here’s a fun little gif of the process.

diy rustic wood sign

To speed up the drying process since my stencils had to overlap, I used a hair dryer on the cool setting to dry each letter for about a minute.  As you can see in the gif, I used some washi tape to hold each letter steady while I dabbed my paint.

Then I painted the sides white, since there was a bit of finish overlapping onto them.  After doing the top side, I taped down the rest of the sides to make my lines more crisp.  I don’t have the steadiest of hands, guys.

diy rustic wood sign

diy rustic wood sign

Since the sides were bare, dry wood, they only took a few minutes to dry.  I flipped the board over and attached a sawtooth hanger (after measuring and marking the center of my board).

diy rustic wood sign

diy rustic wood sign

Then a quick tap-tap with my hammer and a nail on my wall and boom, this guy was right at home on a wall with French and Spanish postcards and maps and stuff.

diy rustic wood sign

I may decide to seal it at some point with polycrylic or something similar, but I kind of like the matte look it has.

Not bad for a little hour-long “I’m bored” project on a Sunday morning, oui?

Anyone else making multilingual wall art?  Por favor dime…


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