When Life Gets In The Way

It’s been quiet around the ol’ jhblog, much to my dismay.  I have been tremendously busy lately.  Some recent highlights in my life include taking a trip here…


And buying one of these before they were gone forever…


Along with some other goodies….


I also visited our local Irish festival, jumped the Apple ship and found refuge in a Samsung, and ate the messiest most delicious burger I’ve had in my 29 years on this planet (it has a fried friggin’ quail egg on it for pete’s sake).

Love Shack Burger - Dirty Love

I’ve even found time for a little spray painting.  Gold, duh.


But what has kept me the busiest (and kept my attention far away from my projects and this blog), are these two:


I found them, collarless but clean, playing in the middle of a busy street on my way to work one morning.  They were so enamored with each other that they had no idea how dangerous their playground was.  I was running late for work, but I couldn’t just leave them.


I parked in the lot closest to them, and the minute I opened my door, these little fellas jumped right in my car, with a fearless “OK, what’s next?” attitude.


I took them home and have been caring for them, all the while looking for their parents.  When I found out they weren’t chipped, I was devastated.  I felt helpless and powerless in the search for their owners.  I’ve posted pictures to every local rescue that has facebook, handed flyers out to dozens of apartment complexes and businesses and have been calling local shelters to see if they were reported missing.


I’m quite aware that we likely will not be able to return these sweet boys to their owners.  It’s a heartbreaking reality I’m having to face.  Our little 2 / 1 condo is not equipped for two adult humans and three dogs, so keeping them is out of the question.

I plan on contacting local rescues to see who is willing to take them and try to adopt them out together.  These boys are bonded.  Brothers.  Where one goes, the other follows.  Whether they lived together for years or found companionship on the street, they belong together.  The first night we had them, the pug (nicknamed Brother) barked like crazy for an hour at bedtime.  He was in a crate I borrowed from my mom, and the little ragamuffin (nicknamed Buttermilk) was in Turkish’s crate.  When the fella went to go check on them and let them out, they crawled into one crate together and immediately fell fast asleep.  And I was so moved I cried.  True story.


Anyway, I felt a responsibility to this site (and mostly myself) to drop in and tell the internets that I’ve been away for a while but I’ll be back soon.  This has been one of the most emotional situations I’ve ever put myself in, but I’d do it all over again if I had the chance.  I’ve been brainstorming on several new projects and I cannot wait to get my life back to normal once these guys are safely in a forever home.  Catch ya on the flip…


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