Super Simple Sugar Scrub

Please prepare yourself for the easiest DIY sugar scrub recipe you’ve ever laid eyes on…

Super Simple Sugar Scrub Recipe

I’ve mentioned before that I love to give homemade gifts, and this Christmas was no exception. Among my homemade presents was a sugar scrub that I made special for all of the adult ladies in my family.

I browsed a ton of sugar scrub recipes before I made this, each just a bit different from the last. Ultimately, I decided to wing it. I’m so glad I did, because this is seriously the easiest gift I’ve ever made! And my hands were so soft for hours after I tested it! So without further ado…

You’ll need:
– Table Sugar
– Olive Oil
– Hand or Bath Soap
– 4oz Airtight Container(s)
– Fabric / Paper Scraps or String for Embellishment (optional)

Sugar Scrub Recipe Supplies

I scored four 4oz smooth Ball jars on clearance at Target, which worked perfectly for this recipe.

First, put two Tbsp of olive oil in your jars / containers. As you can see in the above photo, I went with the generic brand. It worked great!

DIY Sugar Scrub

Then add one Tbsp of bath soap. I used Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief body wash / foam bath in Eucalyptus Tea, which I bought for five measly bones during a pre-Christmas sale.

Give the olive oil and soap a quick stir with a fork – nothing crazy, you’re about to do some more mixing in a second.  Each jar should get just over one-half cup of sugar. I went generic with this ingredient as well. I mean sugar is sugar, right? I don’t really think brand matters here.

DIY Sugar Scrub

The key is to put about a quarter cup of sugar in, mix it well, then add another quarter cup and mix again.

DIY Sugar Scrub

Tip: I use a fork as opposed to a spoon to mix the scrub because it seems to agitate it better without a bunch of the sugar sticking to the utensil.

Tip #2: Make sure to stir over your sink! No matter how carefully you work, you still risk spilling. I ended up having to pick up some scrub crumbles before my pup got to them!

If you don’t feel the need to decorate your jars, you’re done!  Scoop out about a quarter sized amount and rub it with mild pressure all over your hands.  Continue to rub the mixture on your hands under running water.  There is just enough soap in the mixture to rinse the scrub off, and the olive oil is a natural moisturizer.  Pat yourself on the back with your super-soft hands, because you just made yourself (or someone else) a lovely beauty treat!

Here’s where the optional part comes in. I traced my lids onto some scrap burlap and cut the little circles out for a decorative top.

DIY Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub Jar Embellishment

DIY Sugar Scrub Jar Embellishment

I just hot glued the burlap to the lid and then hot glued it again to the band (the ring that screws the lid on).

DIY Sugar Scrub Jar Embellishment

Of course you don’t have to do that but making things look pretty is about 53.7% of the fun, right?

That’s it! In a few super easy steps using very little ingredients I made gifts for four of my loved ones! I tested these before screwing on the lids and I’m telling you, this stuff made my hands SO SOFT. The oil is very moisturizing but the small amount of soap ensures that your hands won’t be greasy. This recipe is flexible and almost foolproof.  There are so many different soaps, essential oils and even extracts out there that you can use to customize it.  This stuff is great for hands and feet and even dry elbows and knees!

DIY Sugar Scrub

I hope you’ll try this recipe, and if you do, feel free to tell me how it went in the comments!  I’d love to hear which scents you chose or what variations you made.  Do tell…


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