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Worldly Wall Art – Part II

In my last post I talked about some frames that hung around for a long time that finally got some love and attention.  Those postcards that I framed have some company!  Lindsey at Better After recently wrote about some goodies that she got from Map My State (did this sentence have enough links in it for you?).  I fell in love!  I ended up purchasing two prints.

Map My State Prints

Texas and Michigan are close to my heart.  I was born in Kalamazoo, MI.  My whole family is from various cities in The Great Lakes State.  From Holland to Dearborn and beyond, we have Michigan covered!  We moved away when I was young, and I totally wish I could go up and visit more often.  I have lived in Texas suburbs in the DFW Metro Area since I was six years old.  And that mega handsome boyfriend of mine was born in Dallas and grew up in the DFW suburbs too.  Many of our memories were made here, and we both consider the area our forever home.  Suffice to say, Michigan and Texas are pretty special places to the fella and me.  So adding high-quality, visually beautiful prints of both of them to our little “travel wall” seemed like a no-brainer to me!

All we needed were frames.  I love going thrift shopping.  I was out on one of my thrift-shop-hops with my Mom (my favorite thrifting partner) and found two frames whose shapes were nearly identical.  Seriously, I think one of them is maybe one millimeter shorter than the other.  The funniest part is that I found the first one – an espresso finish with gold – and said it would be perfect if it had a twin, and before I even finished my sentence I found the same shaped frame with the same gold detail on it in a walnut finish.  Praise the frame gods!  AND they were $1.98 each.  Praise the thrift gods!

Fraternal Twin Frames

I got ’em home, gave ’em a light sanding and wiped ’em down with a cloth to prepare for my favorite part of the process: spray painting!

Frames Prepped For Priming

They got a coat of my go-to primer, Zinsser B-I-N.  Seriously, that stuff sticks to air.  And then this happened:

Primer Fingerprint

It was one of those “Oh no, there’s a particle on it, get it off!  Oh shouldn’t have touched that…” moments.  There’s a reason the can specifically outlines a “dry to touch” time, folks.  File that under DIY Duh… Or Primer Problems.  So I sanded and did a quick re-spray on the spot that I messed up and then let it dry for the appropriate length of time.

I followed up with Rustoleum American Accents in flat white to match the other frames on the wall.

Flat White Painted Frame

And after my least favorite part – the 48 hour dry time – I brought them inside and was reminded that one of them was missing the hanging hardware.  Luckily, I had some sawtooth hangers on hand, so I just measured to find the center and attached the hardware with the provided nails to the back of the frame.  Sidebar – I really love my tools, especially the mini ones…  Hold me closer, tiny hammer.

Tiny Hammer

Then the frames got all dressed up with their new prints!

Framed Texas and Michigan Prints

I used my usual method for deciding where on the wall these guys would hang: paper and tape.  A piece of ruled paper was close enough to the size of my frames and did just fine helping me visualize what they’d look like in their final state.  I tried a few different formations before I landed on my favorite.  As you can see, Turkish Pup was happy to help…

Frame Gallery

I don’t think frame galleries always have to be exactly symmetrical but it worked best for these prints.  That may change if I find myself adding to this group later on, who knows.  For now, they look great where they’re at!  Now me and the fella are reppin’ our favorite states with style!

Worldly Wall Art Frame Gallery

Worldly Wall Art Frame Gallery

Oh and I’d like to give a shout-out to the folks at Map My State!  I never received a tracking number when my order was shipped, and when I emailed to inquire about it they responded in less than 30 minutes!   They were super helpful and sweet, and my prints came out great!  Overall a fantastic experience with this company!

Who else is showing love to their favorite states with prints or an art project?  Do tell…


Worldly Wall Art – Part I

I’m back after a bit of a hiatus, folks.  And I am mega excited about some of the things I’m working on right now.  One of them is the wall above our sectional.  I mentioned once that I had a few empty frames hanging there…  If I’m keepin’ it real (and you know I am) I’ll tell you that these four 8 x 10s hung in this position for about eight months!

Travel Wall Art Gallery

Yep.  We looked at four framed stock photos of sand dollars for THAT. LONG.  Shame, shame Jamie.  Sidebar – how cool is the world map the frames are surrounding?  Check out the detail on that bad boy!

Michael Thompsett Map

The countries are made up of sheet music!  The art is by Michael Thompsett.  I originally bought it on Hayneedle’s flash site The Foundary but his work can be found here on Hayneedle, among other places, and they’re all so pretty!  I liked it so much that I also bought the dinosaur one for my dino-enthusiast sister.

It would be prudent to note that my posts aren’t sponsored by Hayneedle or Michael Thompsett or anyone else – I just write about things I love/places I shop.  

Back to the frames.  Even though I didn’t have anything to put in them (evidently for eight months), I had to snag them.  They were on sale at Michael’s for $5.98 each!  Once I hung them around the map, I bookmarked my brain to keep an eye out for maps, skylines or anything “place-related” that would work in the frames.  Eight months later (have I mentioned the length of time that the frames were naked yet?) my June Birchbox subscription treated me to some super cute postcards!  Each one depicts a different major city and says hello in that particular city’s language.

Birchbox Wanderlust Postcards

And aren’t the bright colors so fun?!  I switched the layout of the frames since the designs on the card are landscaped.  To mount them, I just flipped over the sand dollar stock pics, measured where I wanted the postcard and secured it to the backs of the stock pics with a bit of tape – easy peasy!  I recently made a purchase that I’ll be adding to this wall later in the week.  Stay tuned for that.  For now, here’s what we look at right before we plop our bums down on the sofa (dog included).  Much better than before, no?

Worldly Wall Art

I’d say not bad for $20 in frames and free postcards!  I’m still on the lookout for some curtains that I love to cover our super 80’s blinds – ah the thrill of the search!  I’d also love to paint the walls but that may take some convincing with the landlord.  We shall see!

Any other Birchboxers out there that loved their Wanderlust postcards as much as me?  And who else has let empty frames sit for months on end?  I know I’m not the only one… Do tell…