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DIY Glass Magnets

Recently, the fella and I spent an afternoon at Main Street Days in Grapevine, TX with a couple of our finest friends.  I do love a festival.

While we were there, we visited Vetro’s shop.  They’re a glass blowing studio based right there in Grapevine’s historic district.  They had some really cool stuff (we were particularly fascinated and creeped out by their seriously realistic glass eyeballs), but the fella and I only walked away with a couple of cool looking glass “shards”.  They were actually scraps / runoff from various blown glass projects the artists made.

They’re the perfect size for magnets!

diy glass magnet

To make your own magnets out of glass “shards” (not the sharp kind, please) or glass beads or glass somethings, all you need are magnets, your glass and E6000 glue.

diy glass magnet

Make sure you follow the E6000 instructions carefully.  They say to start with a rough surface, and the backs of my glass shards had tiny pockmarks in them, so that worked out well.

diy glass magnet

The glue comes out really fast when you first open the package (maybe because the contents have been under pressure? not sure).  Make sure your work surface is protected.  This stuff smells too, and the fuminess lingers, so if you’re sensitive to that, open a window and maybe wear a dust mask if that’s your thing.

The E6000 should sit for about a minute or so before you put your magnet on.  Once my magnets were in place, because I had so much excess from the glue coming out of the tube too quickly, they slid off center a few times.  I sat with them for about ten minutes to move them back into position when they slid too far, and after those first ten minutes the glue had hardened enough to where the magnets stayed put.

diy glass magnet

I let them cure for 24 hours and then they were ready to stick to the fridge!  If you know where my grocery list came from we can be friends, k?

diy glass magnet

Also, yes I positioned them in the above picture to look like two colorful dolphins giving kisses.  Don’t judge.

Did anyone else hit up Main Street Days?  We had a particularly pleasant time in the Craft Beer Experience tent.  What crafts have you guys been doing lately?  Do tell…