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A Very Cube-y Christmas

Hello internets! It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve posted – because it kinda has been.  Let me first assure anyone who’s following along (thanks!) that I’m not going anywhere!  In my real life, I work in the online retail industry, and fourth quarter is absolute madness for me.  I just don’t have the time for a good ol’ hands on DIY project this time of year.  ‘Tis the season for online shopping, #amirite?!

Moving on… I have some projects on the to-do list that I’m very excited about tackling and later posting here.  In the interim, I thought I’d do a quickie post about how my cubicle at work is decorated for Christmas!

Some people don’t care to decorate their cubicle at all, but my stance is that if I am going to spend most of my waking hours in here, I want to enjoy what I’m looking at!  It normally looks like this… 

Here’s how I added a little holiday happiness to it!

4″ pre lit tree  

cubicle decirated for christmas  

Bow tree topper made of streamers ($1 at Target)

 cubicle decorated for christmas 

Pastel orb ornaments hung in a gradient pattern ($3 for 25 at Target)


Battery operated lights (I think these were $3 at the Target dollar spot, I’ve had them a few years now) + a Noble Fir branch (free! my mom cut it from her tree for me) for my console

 cubicle decorated for christmas

Merry message on my mini chalkboard

 cubicle decorated for christmas 

This only took me about 30 min total to put together, and added up to a whole $4 when you consider that I already had much of this stuff lying around!

 cubicle decorated for christmas 

Now my cubicle has me feeling the holiday spirit every time I walk into it!

Anyone else out there decorating their workspaces?  Link to yours in the comments if you please! 

Happy Holidays homies! 



Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

That may not be the most original blog post title in the world but I’m ok with that.

All of my blogger friends are showing off their Christmas trees and that’s a bandwagon I’ll happily jump on!  Although I’m pretty late with it… I’ve had my tree up since the 1st!  This blogger has been busy this Christmas season!

This is the first year that the fella and I have had a full size tree.  We  opted for a faux, pre-lit tree because, well, it was free.  It was a hand-me-down from his cousin and we were happy to take it off of his hands.  But we had an issue with the lights.  See I just prefer white lights on my Christmas tree.  And this year, I’m feeling the whole gold, silver, white combo.  This pre-lit tree had bright candy-colored lights zip tied all over it.  The fella, though, he’s such a trooper.  He spent about four hours cutting each and every last zip tie off of those branches for me.

clipping lights from a pre-lit tree

Sorry ladies, he’s taken.  🙂

Turns out, the colored lights didn’t work anymore anyway so it had to be done.  And I’m really glad my fella spent all that time doing it!  I owe him big time.

Now, since we haven’t had a large tree before, we were lacking in the ornament department.  I was going to make a fancy salt or cornstarch dough a la Pinterest, until I found a big ol’ brick of clay in my craft stash.  Good enough for me!

Sculpey Clay

I just rolled it out and used my Wilton Christmas cookie cutter set to make some fun, festive shapes.

Ornaments Made From Clay

I used a drinking straw to poke holes in them for string (plus some extra holes for fun), and then baked them according to the instructions on the package of clay.  Notice the fella threw in a ninja or two that he made with our Ninja Bread Men cookie cutters….

Baking Clay Ornaments

When they cooled they were ready for a coat of a pretty pearlescent acrylic paint.  The color I used is called champagne and I love it for that.

Ornaments Painted Champagne

Some of them got a little “bling” in the form of my Martha Stewart glaze in Medallion.  Then I tied on some twine and these babies were ready to go!

DIY Painted Ornaments

I also hung some charcoal and silver orbs and of course our special ornaments.  The special ones are those with sentimental value, like the ones the fella and I picked up on our last two trips to New Mexico.  This is the one we snagged this year!

Ornament from New Mexico

I think that state is quite possibly my second favorite in the US, behind the great Lone Star State, which I call home.

My homemade ornaments are a bit more kitschy than I prefer, but I like them all the same.  And I love our first full size faux tree.  I illustrated our tree adventure in this Flipagram which is soundtracked by the always fabulous She & Him.  I seriously LOVE that app.  This is the best picture I could get of the tree, since its in a corner of our living room that gets zero natural light.  I like how it turned out though.  Needs ribbon and a topper, but I seriously haven’t even had time for it!

jhb Christmas Tree

I’ve been working on all kinds of Holiday projects around here, and I hope to post about them this week!  I’ve been crazy busy preparing gifts around here!

Anyone else get stuck de-lighting a pre-lit tree this year?  The fella would love to know that he’s not the only one who had to suffer.  Do tell…