Adventures in Spraypaint: Sunburst Mirror

In my last living room post, I mentioned that I needed to spray paint the mirror over my fireplace.  I finally got on it  and I’m super happy with the result!

I bought this mirror three years ago, not for it’s weathered oak finish, but for it’s sunburst-y shape.  Sunburst mirrors were mega popular in the decor world that year, and they are in heavy circulation still, as any diligent pinterest user will tell you.

spray painted wood mirror

spray painted wood mirror

I loved the weathered oak, but it didn’t match any of my stuff.  As the old saying goes, life is too short to be irritated by mismatched furniture… That’s how it goes, right?

Taping this bad boy was a bit tedious, but diligently protecting the areas you don’t want to paint is key to a good spray paint job.  I used a plastic putty knife to smooth the tape down into the little crevice between the mirror and wooden frame.  Once I got tape all around the edge of the frame, I also taped newspaper on top of the mirror – no pics of that part, sorry!

spray painted wood sunburst mirror

I used Rustoleum Paint + Primer in gold, and because I didn’t use a white primer underneath, the grey tones of the weathered oak created a kind of champagne color. It turned out so pretty!

spray painted wood sunburst mirror

spray painted wood sunburst mirror

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when spray painting.  Here are my tips for a successful spraypaint adventure:

*Wear protection:
I wear gloves, a dust mask and clothes that I would be okay with accidentally staining EVERY TIME I spray paint.
*Protect your work surface:
Always use a drop cloth, and on days with a light breeze, stand up some cardboard or use more drop cloths to protect nearby items from overspray.
*Take it easy:
Use a light trigger finger on that spraypaint can to avoid a gloppy, drippy mess, friend. It should take at least three light coats to get full coverage with spraypaint.
*Move swiftly:
Quick, even strokes (paired with the light trigger finger) make for beautiful coverage and a smooth finish!

Lets compare the before and after again, shall we?

spray painted wood mirror

spray painted wood sunburst mirror

Yay for pretty things!

Next up for this spot is to install a floating shelf mantle – stay tuned!


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