Some News

Well friends, I suppose I should spill the beans on a semi-recent development at jhbhq…

Our landlord is selling our his condo.  Womp and double womp.

Jamie's Home Condo

So it is highly likely (unless the condo is sold to someone looking for investment property) that there is a move in the near future for Mr. Fella and me.

This isn’t great news, but I suppose it’s not terrible either.  Worse things have most decidedly occurred.

What isn’t so cool, is that we really weren’t planning on moving again until we are ready to purchase.  That just isn’t an option right now.

Another big bummer is that our landlord is really cool.  I mean really really cool.  He and his wife have been so welcoming to us.  They let us hang whatever we want on the walls, decorate how we want to, and encouraged us to do our own thing in the courtyard gardens.  I’m really nervous about trying (and possibly failing) to find another landlord who will allow us to put our own touches on our home.

And mostly, I am really sad about leaving our neighbors.  It’s hard to find good neighbors, and mine are awesome.  Not looking forward to saying goodbyes.

The fella is out of the country with the great United States Air Force, and when he returns in a few short weeks, we will probably begin the process of rent-house hunting.  Joy.

One thing is for sure.  This little blog is gonna keep on rolling, no matter where I live.

And I still have ongoings and upcomings that I’m eager to share in the interim.

And… to be honest, there are some things about this little condo of ours that I’m not too sad about possibly leaving behind.

Numero Uno on that list is the lack of natural light.  I need sunlight to survive, yo.  I need brightness.  The five windows in our home (all but one of which face either north or south) just aren’t doing it for me.

And both of us have pretty crummy commutes, so improvement could be made there.

So there you have it.  Some news.  Moving.  Meh.

Anyone else about to move?  It is that time of year, isn’t it… Wanna help me?  I’ll pay you in friendship and beers.




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