Mother’s Day DIY Version 2.0

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Super Moms out there!

Last year, I shared the garden markers that I made for my Mom as a Mother’s Day gift, and in keeping that tradition, I’m back to tell you about the gift I made for her this year!

manicure in a jar

This sweet mani-pedi kit is so cute and really easy to personalize.


  • Mason jar
  • Cotton balls
  • Nail tools (clippers, orange stick)
  • Nail polish color(s)
  • Small homemade lotion bars (optional)
  • String or ribbon
  • Card or nametag

manicure in a mason jar

Pick a polish color (or even two or three) that you know your mom likes, or even one that she might not normally try that suits her.

Lotion bars, like these I just posted, are a sweet handmade touch that any mom is sure to appreciate.  The size I made is perfect for this set!  I wrapped them in saran and secured the back with washi to package them.

manicure in a mason jar

Just like I did with the sugar scrub that I made as Christmas gifts, I covered the lids of the mason jars with fabric.  This is optional but makes the jar cuter, so why not, right?

manicure in a mason jar

It’s as easy as purchasing the items and putting them in the jar, friends.  Finish the Mani for Mom jar by tying a name tag or card onto it with a cute ribbon or string.  I used decorative baker’s twine and some plain note cards in which I stamped “Happy Mother’s Day” and “Mani for Mom”.

manicure in a mason jar

Your mom (or whomever you choose to give this to) is gonna love it!  I made three, one for my Mama, one for the fella’s Mama and another for his sis-in-law (who is the Super Mom to our adorable niece and nephew).  They turned out so cute!

manicure in a mason jar

Did anyone else make mom a gift for Mother’s Day?  Do tell…


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