Pink, Painterly and Polished

Pink, Painterly and Polished.  The three Ps.  Yes, the three Ps.  Oh, that’s not a thing?  Ok well look here, friend: If you have ten minutes, a vase and some nail polish you’re 100% qualified to take on this little DIY.

easy diy painterly vase

Look in your nail polish stash and pick a few colors that you like or that look good together, or preferably they meet both of those standards.

easy diy painterly vase

Grab that sad dollar store vase that’s been giving you buyer’s remorse (yes, even for a dollar) for months now and give it a wipe-down.  I used rubbing alcohol on a paper towel to remove all of the fingerprints and months worth light dust the vase collected.

easy diy painterly vase

Start with your lightest nail color and throw some random swipes on your vase.  Let dry for a minute or so.

easy diy painterly vase

Move on to the second lightest color…

easy diy painterly vase

And so on…

easy diy painterly vase

Ending with the darkest color you chose.

easy diy painterly vase

Let it fully dry for about an hour in a cool-ish area of your house and then fill that beauty with water and your favorite flowers!  Peachy carnations are one of my preferred picks and they perfectly complimented the pinks in my polishes.  Whoa how many Ps was that?

easy diy painterly vase

Has anyone else given a face-lift to a boring dollar store vase?  Or maybe you like to alliterate as much as me?  Do tell…


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